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The Land Division Act Summary
The purpose of the 1997 Land Division Act was to limit the number of times a property can be divided and require municipal approval of divisions with the intention of eliminating odd shaped & sized parcels; ensuring real estate desirability; recording accurate property legal descriptions;   all with the public health & safety as a priority.  
The following steps are recommended to complete a land division
Step 1
     Refer to the Township Zoning Ordinance Requirements
         If the proposed splits meet the size and access requirements for the 
         Township Zoning Ordinance and continue to step 2
Step 2
     2. Verify no splits have occurred to the property in the last 10 years
          If the property  has not been split in the last 10 years continue to step 3
Step 3
     3. Verify current deed conveys division rights
          If the deed indicates there are division rights proceed to step 4
Step 4
     4. Print a Split application and completely fill in the required information and
         answer all questions.  When completed continue to step 5
Step 5 
     5. Contact a Professional Land Surveyor to obtain a Land Survey & new legal 
         descriptions for the proposed split and continue to step 6
Step 6      
     6. Once Professional Survey is complete move to step 7
Step 7 
     7. Obtain approval on Land Division Application from the Zoning 
         Administrator.  Once a signature is obtained move to step 8
Step 8
     8.  Obtain an access approval letter from the County Road Commission 
          Once the approval letter is received move to step 9
Step 9
     9. Obtain a County Treasurer's "Split Certification" from County Treasurer and 
         move to step 10 
Step 10
     10. Once steps 1-9 are completed compile documentation and mail, via
           regular U.S. first-class mail (no signatures required please), the 
           application to:   
                     Township Assessing
                               1196 Ranger Dr.
                               Gladwin, MI 48624
     *Parcel deeds must be in the same exact owner names
     *Parcels must be classified the same (i.e. Residential, Commercial, etc)
     *Parcels can not have Special Use Permits
     *Parcel taxes must be paid in full with no delinquencies
     *Must complete & file a Combination Request Form with Assessor
     *Must obtain an accurate legal description of the combined parcels from a 
       Professional Surveyor
     *Must file deeds with new parcel legal descriptions with the County Register of
       Deeds within 90 days of receiving approval.
     *Platted Parcel Lots may not be combined with unplatted (Metes and Bounds)
The Land Division Act Details
The Land Division Act limits the time an owner can divide unplatted property and requires municipal approval before dividing and selling said property.  Owners must include specific language in transfer deeds that specify the conveyance of division rights.
Parent parcels were defined on March 31, 1997, as they were described by their legal descriptions and included all unplatted land under the same ownership.
Parent parcels have restrictions as to the number of times they can be divided and previously divided property has a limited number of re-divisions allowed. 







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