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Exempts Michigan residents, occupying and owning property as a primary residence, from up to 18 mills of the local school operating tax

Jun 1st for Summer School Tax Levy

Nov 1st for Winter School Tax Levy

When moving to a new principal residence

Prior to claiming a Principal Residence or similar exemption elsewhere

When moving to a new residence & current residence is for sale but not rented or occupied

Must be filed yearly up to 3 years - if applicable

When property ownership changes this form must be filed with the Assessor for determination of the taxable value status (whether the taxable value uncaps or remains capped), and qualification of the sale for use in determining future property values as part of the mass appraisal process.

Also provides Assessor with information on transfer, in the event a copy of the deed is not given to the Assessor by the County Register of Deeds.

File with the ASSESSOR no later than 90 Days after change of ownership name

Property Tax Exemption for honorably discharged Veterans who are rated by the Veterans Administration as 100% Permanently Disabled as a result of a service connected disability.

Must file annually during the current tax year.  Highly recommend filing in January of current year. Filing must be done no later than the second Tuesday of December or prior to the December Board of Review Meeting.

Provides same exemption benefit as the Principal Residence Exemption (different filing and qualification requirements) of up

to 18 mills of the local school

operating tax for property that is

used primarily (over 50% of property dedicated to/used for) a agricultural operation as defined by the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development.

Due to the Assessor no later thanMay 1st of current tax year

Qualified Agricultural Property that has a transfer of ownership will uncap the year following a sale, unless the new owner's of the property intend to continue using the land for Agriculutral purposes.

If the intent is to continue to use the property for Agricultural purposes, the Qualified Ag to Remain Qualified Ag form must be completed and filed with the County Register of Deeds.  Once filed with the Register of Deeds the form must be sent to the Assessor.

If the property ceases to be used for Agricultural purposes the property's taxable value will uncap to the Assessed/SEV the year following it's change of use.

Provides property tax relief for qualified property owners.  Income and Assets must fall with-in the Township's Poverty Exemption Policy and Federal Poverty Guidelines.  Poverty Exemption Applications must be applied for annually and qualifications must be met annually.  March, July and December Board of Reviews will grant the exemption to qualified applicants.

We are required to keep original hard copies of all submitted forms and do not accept emailed copies.  Please submit forms via regular U.S. Mail (no hand delivered forms please) and send to:

Township Assessing

1196 Ranger Dr 

Gladwin Mi, 48624


This website is intended for the township taxpayers whom we proudly provide assessment services for which include:


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